15 Best Blushes Available In USA

15 Best Blushes Available In USA

August 6, 2018 //


One of the most important makeup items in your bag is blush. Blushes are literally the most important aspect of makeup. This is an item that can instantly light up your appearance. The best blush gives a lit-from-inside, solid looking gleam – something we all seek with our makeup. Here’s our list of 15 Best Blushes one can look forward to buy

1. Bobbi Brown Blushes in USA

Bobbi Brown is one of the makeup brands everyone splurges on. Talking about Bobbi Brown Blushes it makes everyone say that they are simply perfect. It’s finely processed and comfortably blend able! One of its pros is that it can fit all skin tones. Also, it gives a wonderful, normal looking fly of shading to your face. The blush’s duration is also satisfactory it extremely long-lasting and lasts for 7-8 hours. Doesn’t matter whether you put on the blush during day or night because the color of the blush works well from dusk till dawn.

2. MAC Blushes in USA

This velvety, emollient-based plan formula spreads the shade and a sheer, dewy wrap-up.

This foundation can be even applied on lips, eyelids along with your cheeks. This blush does not cause breakouts and last for more than 8 hours. This blush is available various shades so it’s extremely easy for you to choose appropriate shade for your skin tone. This blush is creamy and is comfortable and easy to blend. They are very good in quality just like they’re amazing eye shadows.

3. NARS Blushes in USA

NARS provides us with this iconic range of cosmetic which obviously includes its perfect blushes. Having a range of 11 shades it’s quite easy to choose color according to your skin tone. Its interestingly smooth recipe and absolute shading mix easily giving a glowing, natural-looking touch to your skin and creates flawless contours. It’s much pigmented and the best blush having the perfect tone of summer on a tan.

4. Colourpop Blushes in USA

Colourpop provides you with a wide range of amazing blushes which are very appealing. The product is just amazing in every way. It applies so smoothly just like a powder and these blushes have the most excellent, smooth, one of a kind and blend able surface ever. No matter which foundation, primer or concealer you wear these blushes last for 8- hours and that’s the best part. Since, these blushes have a creamy consistency so it’s better to apply these with your

finger rather than a brush. These blushes are available in various shades which are simply beautiful.

5. Makeup Revolution Blushes in USA

A subtle range of makeup cosmetics, makeup revolution is one of the makeup brands everyone loves to send money on due to the convincing quality of their products. One cannot deny how perfect and amazing the range of blushes makeup revolution has is. They are easily affordable and you don’t even have to spend all your savings. They have various good color sections. They are pigmented and apply so smoothly on the skin and it doesn’t even fall out much. They don’t have many shades like others so it’d be difficult to choose the appropriate shade for those with dark tones. They give you a natural and flawless look.

6. The Body Shop blushes in USA

Unlike it’s many other products the blushes are quite expensive. Also, they are long-lasting, like they stay on throughout the day. The All-in-one Cheek Color gathering presented charming 8 shades covering all skin tones. The gleam buffs out effortlessly enough so no stresses over resembling a sparkle bomb. It looks so flawless when applied. It wins hearts of many with oily-skin. It gives your skin a lively look. It’s an incredible item to light up the internal corner of your eyes, give a brow highlight.

7. Ted Baker blushes in USA

Ted Baker is one of those brands that have its trademark. What you’d like about this blush is that the shade is not too intense so you can build up your own color by blending a bit. They have a variety of colors which are beautiful. They give a fresh look to your skin and are long-lasting.

Everyone would be shocked to see how the blush applies by the brush (ted baker’s brush). The brush had the correct thickness to get the item even with how delicate the fibers are.

8. Sephora Blushes in USA

Here we are reviewing one of the most expensive brands of all time but it’s the quality that matters so talking about Sephora, they are just amazing. Everyone is just simply obsessed with Sephora Products and of course it’s hard to pick your favorite shade when you come across Sephora Blushes. They’re much pigmented and look beautiful when applied. They are available in both; matte and shimmer. No matter what type you pick each delivers a luminous glow.

9. Maybelline Blushes in USA

One of the MOST WANTED makeup brands, Maybelline provides a wide and brilliant range of makeup. These blushes are quite easy to apply. There are no troubles lifting them up with the fingers or a make-up brush. The Blushes are certainly so easy to mix and to work with for individuals with dry skin in light of the fact that the blush ingests into the skin to keep drops from dry patches.

10. Elf Blushes in USA

They have adequate wear time and are long-lasting. The blushes look gorgeous when applied. They are way cheaper than other makeup brands. The texture, consistency and pigmentation are just on point every time applied. The pigmentation is great and texture is so smooth. They give your skin a luminous glow and a slight shimmer which seems so natural. A plus point that the matte shades also give a slight shimmer.

11. Rimmel Blushes in USA

This Blush, literally like the texture, pigmentation color, size and everything is just so perfect. For anyone with oily skin this blush is perfect for you. Also, it has a quite long wear time. Everything in this blush makes it perfect for your skin. It is available in various colors and even has appropriate shades for ones with darker tone. When applied the blush looks so fabulous and pretty. Neither matte, nor shimmer, glitter or anything but pretty sheen which make your skin glow like a fire-fly.

12. Revlon Blushes in USA

By and large, everyone likes this scope of blushes. They had a pleasant delicate smooth surface and great shading result. They weren’t excessively fine or dusty and connected and mixed out effortlessly. A portion of the shades are really like each other once you mix them out yet generally the shading determination is pleasant with choices for those that like bright or naturals.

13. TOO FACED Blushes in USA

As soon as you lay your eyes on Too Faced blushes you’re obsessed with them. The shade of the compact is so pretty and beautiful. They’re smudge-proof and long-lasting. They’re so luminous when applied. They are available in many shades which are absolutely subtle and unique.

14. Loreal Blushes in USA

The surface of blush is smooth and there is a great deal of fine sparkle in this shade. The packaging is travel friendly and the blush blends nicely. It gives your skin a healthy glow and it

can also be used as a highlighter. Also, it’s recommended to every befinner as it’s very convenient to use.

15. Tarte Blushes in USA

Last but not the least, Tarte blushes are one of the most amazing, pretty and adorable blushes ever seen. They blend well and nicely and give a glamorous look to your skin. They’re easy to apply. They are much pigmented and look beautiful when applied. Also, they don’t look cakey.

Tarte blushes are available in various shades so you can choose shades according to your skin tone. They give you a natural-look and give a beautiful glow to your

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